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How to Take Care of High Traffic Rugs

A high traffic area in a home is one that people frequently walk through or step on. Common examples of high traffic areas include doorways, hallways, and the area in front of furniture. High traffic areas can a problem for carpet because of the frequent wear and...

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How to Choose Durable Carpets

If you have kids or pets and you're picking out new carpeting, one factor should be on the top of your considerations: the durability of your new carpet. Kids and pets can be tough on carpets, causing wear and tears, stains, and other issues. You want to make sure...

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How to Remove Paint from Carpets

Did your kid paint on the floor instead of the paper? Or maybe you're painting a room and knocked over a paint can. Whatever the source of your paint stain, the good news is that paint is much easier to remove from carpet than most other stains. Simply follow these...

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Why You Need to Clean Your Office

When was the last time your office was cleaned? I don't mean the garbage taken out or the glass door quickly wiped down. I mean really deep cleaned: hardwood and tile swept and mopped, carpets deep-cleaned, walls, light switches, etc scrubbed. It's probably been a...

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How to Take Care of Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is gorgeous and a great addition to any home. However, when it's not treated properly, leather furniture started to be become less gorgeous. In fact, it can start to look old, worn out and downright terrible. You know the leather I'm...

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