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Here at Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada we understand that there is little else in a home that compares to the significance of finely polished granite countertops. The kitchen is the heart of your home and brightening up this important location will enhance not only this room alone, but also breathe new life into your home. This is why we are bringing our brand new granite renewal process to the Carson City, NV area. This is an innovative process and a specialty that isn’t currently offered by all Chem-Dry franchises. You’ll be impressed by the incredible results you get when you decide to have Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada go beyond your floors and upholstery and restore the fine quality of your granite countertops.

A Simple and Reliable Process

We begin restoring your granite by thoroughly cleaning the surface. This is done with a gentle, yet powerful buffer system as well as our tested and proven cleaning solutions. Once we’re certain the surface is cleaned to your satisfaction we apply our granite countertop sealer to keep additional residue out and preserve the granite. Once the sealer has done its job we use our buffer system once again to bring out the signature shine that comes with this type of countertop. In Carson City, NV your granite can look as good as new once again.

You’ll love the amazing countertops you have when we’re finished, and our process is typically very quick. It only takes us a few hours to completely revitalize your countertops and bring back their amazing shine. Don’t hesitate another minute, if you could benefit from getting your countertops restored then call Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada today!

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