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Fall is here in Reno, NV! The temperatures are falling and the family has started gathering in the kitchen for baking fall goodies, family gatherings, Thanksgiving, and even where the children gather to do their homework in the evenings. We use our granite countertops on a daily basis more than we realize. Even though the durability of granite will last for years to come it still needs to be taken care of just like any other household item. Over the years granite will lose its luster and shine. Even if a sealant was applied when the countertops were installed, the sealant can wear thin and allow liquids to seep into your granite surface.  This leaves your countertops victim to dangerous germs, dirt, and water spots that could have devastating effects on your granite countertops and health of your loved ones.

Why Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada Reno, NV is the best of the best!98.4% of bacteria removed Reno, NV

Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada in Reno, Nevada isn’t just your trusted professional carpet cleaner, we are your number one provider of all other in-home services to help you keep your home clean and looking beautiful. We want to help you restore your granite countertops back to their original state just in time for the holidays. A study was recently conducted in Reno, NV to test the effectiveness of our Granite Renewal Process. We learned that with the help of our sanitizer, our process removes an average of 98.4% of bacteria from granite countertops. Reno Nevada’s granite countertop renewal process gets deep inside granites surfaces, removing bacteria that can spread germs and eliminating dirt and grim. We then seal the surface to keep those unwanted elements away leaving your countertops cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful than ever!

Four Steps to Renewal Perfection! Reno, Nevada

Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada in Reno takes four steps to achieve the highest level or renewal for your granite countertops.

  1. We Clean and scrub the granite surface; we remove build-up, germs, dirt, and grime without abrasive scrubbing the surface leaving.
  2. We remove any and all residue with our Granite Countertop Residue Remover.
  3. Next we apply a small amount of sealer that dries in minutes. The sealer penetrates deep into the granite surface leaving you with a powerful layer of protection on your countertops.
  4. Last we polish the surface. We use proprietary Granite Polish that will leave them looking brand new again for months and years to come.

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