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When you are looking for the best carpet cleaning Reno has to offer, you can count on us. These are the reasons we are going to do a better job at getting your carpets cleaned. Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada is fully committed to extending the very best in carpet cleaning services and products to the Reno, NV community. With our unique treatment and cutting edge technology we're able to rejuvenate your rugs and carpets to their fresh and initial condition. Because our company provides the top quality in carpet cleaning, using new and green alternatives, you'll certainly be satisfied with the results of your experience. When choosing Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada you can be reassured that you will be receiving first-rate services since our staff of trained professionals always considers your carpets as their own.

Chem-Dry Vs Steam Dry

Typical Reno carpet cleaning methods include steam cleaning only.  Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada is bringing a new cutting edge technology to the residents of Reno call HCE or Hot Carbonating Extraction.  Our enhanced method for carpet cleaning helps us stand out above everyone else in the industry. Typical methods of carpet cleaning, such as steam cleaning, use excessive amounts of water and harmful chemicals that can damage your carpets and make it susceptible to mold. Our technique allows your carpets to dry in just 2-3 hours, meaning mold is not an issue, and you can rest at ease knowing that our formulas are all green certified and risk free for you and your family. You’ll receive quality carpet care and customer service when you decide to have Chem-Dry of Northern Nevada clean your carpets her in Reno.

The Power of Carbonation

By using the strength of innumerable carbonated bubbles our professionals will thoroughly clean your carpets like never before. All these bubbles are great at splitting grime and other contaminants from your carpet fibers and driving it to the surface where it is then removed. This technique leaves your carpets better than ever before, and the best part is that you're able to expect your carpet to dry within 1-2 hours as opposed to 1-2 days! The rewards don't stop there either, this extraordinary technique is green and will not damage the environment.

A Greener Carpet Clean

We recognize that Reno, NV ought to get the absolute best, particularly when it comes to the cleanliness of your home and the environment you reside in. That is precisely why we offer you solutions which are non-toxic and can get you the best cleaning while not harming the environment. What this means is that you can enjoy good as new carpets without having to worry about our methods being harmful to you, your family, and your pets, as well as the surrounding areas you live in!

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